Saturday, May 17, 2008

Italian Chicken Recipe

On a recent internet browse through time and money saving recipes I came across this one:

The recipe seemed easy enough and I'm all about the crock pot so we gave it a try. It turned out to be really good! The sauce isn't a thick one, so if you like a thicker tomato, meat or marinara, you might be surprised to find this to be a thinner one. But the taste is really good and being that it's a crock pot recipe, the chicken comes out nice and tender.

For the dry sauce mix, we used the Great Value brand for 50 cents a packet. In fact, all of the ingredients were GV which kept our cost very low. We served it over spagetti noodles with parmesan garlic bread from the Wal-Mart bakery on the side.

Also, the recipe calls for 6-8 chicken breasts, but we used four and the proportion seemed to work. We were able to split this recipe into two meals for two people. After doing some minor calculations on the cost of one of these meals, the total comes to about $1.30 per person.

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