Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chicken Parmesan Dinner

The BF and I are having to be really careful with what we buy and what we eat, so for dinner last night, we decided to go with chicken parmesan. I love this meal because it can be swanky or cheap and it seems to taste good either way. We did our shopping at WalMart and I've included the prices to show the cost of the two meals we're getting out of the supplies.

DelMonte Four Cheese Spagetti sauce ($0.92)
Great Value Spagetti (small box, enough for two servings) ($0.58)
Value Chicken Tenders (meat section, four servings of 3 chicken tenders each) ($2.50)
WalMart Bakery Rosemary French Loaf ($1.33)
Sam's Choice Ginger Ale 2 Liter ($.068)

After thinking about it, I think we could have found frozen chicken tenders in the freezer section, so check into it. Both meals were basic.

Chicken Parmesan
Cook spaghetti according to box directions (this amount will serve 2 people perfectly)
Place 6 tenders on a plate and microwave for 1.5 minutes
Slice desired amount of bread for those eating, saving at least half a loaf for the next meal
Once spaghetti is cooked, drain and pour in half a can of sauce. Mix and serve over chicken tenders with bread on side.

Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches
Same meal minus the noodles. Place leftover sauce in a bowl for dipping or pour over remaining chicken tenders laid out on remaining bread.

Just a hint, we had some olive oil and balsamic vinegar at hand so we put a little bit in small bowls and dipped the bread in for a more italian restaurant feel. However, the bread at WalMart is really good and can be eaten plain. This loaf of bread can actually be stretched into three meals...we just really love bread.

For less than $7, two people had two meals, which is definitely a good step from fast food where you get a small (unhealthy) meal for close to that for one person.

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