Friday, May 9, 2008

Making Extra Money

Besides picking up more job applications today, the BF and I managed to make about $50 by selling some things we didn't need anymore, namely books, CDs, and videogames.

In this town, there are several avenues for selling used media. CD Tradepost was our first stop and offered us $7.50 for about 5 used CDs. Sure it doesn't sound like alot, but when money is an issue (as in you don't have any) every little bit helps. All of these CDs had been purchased by me, and since I had since loaded them onto my iTunes, I could get rid of them without feeling too much regret.

We also have a Hastings, which buys back books, DVDs, CDs, and video games. By rounding things up in the same way, we were able to sell back enough to make $40. Because of how tight things are right now, this was a small fortune. The first thing we did was talk about how we were going to spend it. Spending as a couple is a lot different than spending as an individual, and I wanted to make sure we kept the lines of communication completely open. After discussing it, we socked away $20 for gas (which won't get us much but it'll get us something). We decided to do some more grocery shopping and then just hold the rest to buy us groceries over the next couple of weeks until we have jobs.

I have to admit though...we did splurge a little. We treated ourselves to Sonic Happy Hour, where all Sonic drinks are half priced. For a whole $1.88, we got a large sour apple slushie and a large apple limeade. Okay, so yeah, we splurged. But I think it was definitely a couple of dollars well spent.

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