Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheesy Chicken With a Taco Twist

As I am now officially a working woman, making easy dinners is going to be really important. Today we did another crock pot recipe and added our own twist.

One of the ideas found in the review section suggested adding pepperjack soup in place of one of the cans of cream of chicken. We followed this suggestion and then switched out the garlic powder for taco seasoning. It was ready when I got home from work tonight. I ate it over tortilla chips for a chicken nacho dish.

We cooked enough for two meals (4 chicken breasts) so we can have leftovers for tomorrow.

The prices are as follows but these are only estimates based on what I can remember.

Chips (free from a friend, but you can get a bag of generic chips for a dollar)
Cheese soups - $1.50 per can
Cream of chicken soup - $.70 for the generic
Chicken breasts (Great Value) - $.75 each
Taco Seasoning (generic) - $.40

Total cost: about $4.35
Per meal per person: about $1.09

This tasted really good and is pretty versatile with seasonings and soups. If you have a crock pot, I highly suggest trying this recipe out.

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