Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swiss Chicken Casserole

In keeping with the old nature of this blog, I'll be posting recipes that are pretty cheap and can stretch a meal or two (having remembered that, I will also need to revisit some of my old faves from this blog.

Tonight's meal was Swiss Chicken Casserole with leftover corn from last night (X-posted to
The cost breakdown:
A bag of chicken tenderloins: 7.99 on sale. We used eight for this recipe and still have several left, so we're looking at about 50 cents a piece, or four dollars in meat.
The can of soup: We went reduced fat but we went off brand and it ended up being $1.09.
Swiss cheese: $2.00
Herb stuffing mix: $2.19 because we were sticklers for the Herb flavored stuff. Next time we'll go with the dollar box of regular chicken flavored stuffing.
Milk and butter: Already had, but based on what we normally pay and use, only about $1.00 for both of them.
The BF finished his off, but I split mine into two meals (one for lunch tomorrow) which makes this meal approximately: $2.50 to $3.50 per meal. Still alot cheaper than fast food and next time it'll be even cheaper when we find ways to cut even more corners.

Do It For Your Country

The country is getting pretty frugal lately, which is reminding me that I really need to step up my own frugal habits. Since last spring things have been pretty comfortable with a few slight "oops" issues here and there. But with only one of us working right now (the BF is focusing on school), an impending trip to Michigan and a move in June, it's time to crack down again.

I've started a budget worksheet on one of my new favorite sites, SpringPad ( It's only the making right now though but it'll get there. I'm happy to say that this week we've made dinner every night and I've taken my lunch to work everyday. I'll need to start tracking groceries again, but I think the time will be worth it if we can save some money.

My big issue...I've got to stop with the instant gratification! No more eBay buys, no more random trips to the thrift least not until we're ready to furnish the new apartment. That'll be fun. We did get a good deal on an apartment...a very low price that includes utilities in a good part of town and for a really nice living space. Once we have our own refrigerator and facilities, I'll be freezing and storing things which will help save even more money.

I also have two other Blogger blogs (I was inspired by a friend of mine), one for my weight loss stuff and one for cooking which I've been doing more of lately...well, okay, Jon has been doing more of lately, but I have my moments as well.

Anyway, if I have any readers out there, feedback is good!