Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Spending

We were really lucky this weekend in that we didn't end up having to spend much of anything. The BF's family was in town, so we got treated to three meals and a movie. We did make sure to conserve leftovers for a good dinner tonight though. I've never been one for leftovers but I'm really learning the value of them. We're also making our bread and bologna last and we still have some cash for supplies later this week.

I have to admit to a little splurge tonight though. Sunday nights have been the BFs gaming nights for a long time and now that I'm living here they've become mine too. One of the key ingredients to a get together night is snacks. Not having money means we can't go to Taco Bell like everyone else does or bring in major munchies. But we have found a way to have our own snacks without spending alot. The local Dollar Tree has all kinds of snacky type food, all of it for $1.00 or less. For 3 bucks plus tax, we were able to get a 3 liter of pop that we could share and two snacks, like crackers and cookies or beef jerky and chips. The snacks last the whole evening, we were able to share, and we still had some to bring home.

Also, has far as gaming is concerned, we play the Dungeons and Dragons RP game. Those who really get into it can end up spending hundreds of dollars on books, dice, maps, and miniatures. Luckily, as a passive player, this form of entertainment is free for us. The BF already has a whole can of dice he's accrued over the years (a basic set costs about $5 to get started) and player sheets and pencils are usually supplied by the host of the game or can be acquired for pennies using the internet (for the sheets) and the dollar store (for pencils).

If RPing isn't your idea of fun, game nights are really inexpensive. Find a cheap deck of cards, or get together with friends and pool board games you have hidden in your closets. Socializing doesn't have to cost anything and can be alot of fun.

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