Friday, April 24, 2009

Using a Handbag as a Craft Bag

Because I've been in such a decluttering mood lately, I'm getting rid of a bunch of purses that I've picked up along the way for free or cheap at garage sales. But I still have a thing for bags. I don't like carrying around a bunch, but like notebooks, I can always think of some purpose I COULD use them for.

I am keeping a few of my favorites and one of those favorites is a larger bag I picked up at the local secondhand store for about $4. It's original intent was for my laptop, but I ended up just keeping my old laptop bag and using this one as a purse. It was finally time for a change, though, so I switched to a different purse (one I already had) and decided to use this one for my knitting bag.

For the most part, it works for me. I'm not crazy about my longer needles sticking out like they are, as during travel I'm likely to poke someone's eye out, but I think the shorter needles and the scissors are good. The identical pocket is for an extra ball of yarn. I actually don't use those long needles very often anyway, so they can probably be put away.

This little pouch on the side is perfect for the smaller crochet needles of which I only currently have two but will someday add to my collection (maybe). The second one is the one I'm using right now and so is stuck in the ball of yarn I'm working on.

Right now, the afghan fits into the inside of the purse and the yarn right next to it in the inner side pouch. Underneath this is another three pairs of knitting needles in a plastic pouch. They're Xmas themed and fit better down there than in the side ones.

It's not as swanky as some, but it's exactly what I need right now, and I still get to use something I really like. Also, if you can't read the button, it says "Better Living Through Sarcasm." Which has nothing to do with knitting or repurposing...but I find it funny.

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