Monday, April 6, 2009

More Craigslist HiJinks

In follow-up to last week’s Craigslist finds, the girl who I bought the griddle and kitchen stuff from emailed me to let me know she still had a bunch of stuff left. Thrilled that it fell in line with payday, I headed over to see what she had. Though the coffee pot and the dish set were no longer there, there were some things that hadn’t been there the first time.

First, my favorite find because I’ve been wanting one of these forever…a spice rack. Only three or four of the spices were open and were still fragrant. All the rest were sealed and the rack was in good condition. Going price for this on was about $19.00

Besides the spice rack, I got a whole hodge podge of kitchen things, including two sets of wine glasses, silverware, a colander, a spoon holder, a cheese grater, a Fry Daddy, and a George Foreman grill. Estimated cost of all these based on was $101.00.

As far as non-kitchen stuff went, one of the bigger things was this nifty footlocker. Not only do we now have an extra packing “box,” but this will make for perfect storage in the new place. In fact, being that it’s pretty sturdy, I’m thinking of throwing the tablecloth I got over it and using it for our coffee table, which will mean one less thing we have to buy. Estimated cost of the footlocker and the table cloth on was $47.00.

Here’s the other things that came in the haul with their prices listed next to them (some prices are estimated so I low-ended as much as I could):

Hi-Def DVD Player - 58.00
Universal Remote - 15.00
Egyptian cotton Pillow Cases – 15.00
Sheets – 15.00
Shower curtain and hooks – 20.00
Small trash can – 10.00
Towels (about six of them) – 25.00
Laundry Basket – 5.00
Curtains – 15.00
Wool stadium blanket – 5.00
CD/MP3 player – 10.00
Ironing board/iron hanger – 10.00
Oil and Vinegar holder set – 10.00
Grateful Dead Wall Sheet - ????
Random Christmas items – 10.00
Paper Towel Holder $15.00
Decorative hatbox – 5.00
Decorative vase – 15.00

I think there were some other things in there as well, but my mind is just not remembering what they are right now. The estimated grand value of everything I bought comes in at around $425. The total amount I paid for all this stuff? $75.00. I so love a good bargain and I’m really happy that so much of our apartment “to-get” list is now taken care of.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't craigslist grand?! :)

We have that same spice rack and it's great. I love the pizza seasoning.