Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swiss Chicken Casserole

In keeping with the old nature of this blog, I'll be posting recipes that are pretty cheap and can stretch a meal or two (having remembered that, I will also need to revisit some of my old faves from this blog.

Tonight's meal was Swiss Chicken Casserole with leftover corn from last night (X-posted to
The cost breakdown:
A bag of chicken tenderloins: 7.99 on sale. We used eight for this recipe and still have several left, so we're looking at about 50 cents a piece, or four dollars in meat.
The can of soup: We went reduced fat but we went off brand and it ended up being $1.09.
Swiss cheese: $2.00
Herb stuffing mix: $2.19 because we were sticklers for the Herb flavored stuff. Next time we'll go with the dollar box of regular chicken flavored stuffing.
Milk and butter: Already had, but based on what we normally pay and use, only about $1.00 for both of them.
The BF finished his off, but I split mine into two meals (one for lunch tomorrow) which makes this meal approximately: $2.50 to $3.50 per meal. Still alot cheaper than fast food and next time it'll be even cheaper when we find ways to cut even more corners.

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